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Giving Back: The Plato Pledge

Plato takes enormous pride in giving our students the best possible opportunity to succeed, both at an academic and personal level. However, we are also not naïve, and recognise that our services are limited to those with the ability to pay for them. In an ideal world, this would not be the case and a core principle of Plato Tuition is that we recognise this and ensure we implement measures to widen access to our quality services. 

10% of revenue from our private tuition lessons (both individual and group lessons) is allocated to funding Plato lessons for students from disadvantaged and low-income households. Our tutors are still paid in-full, Plato covers the cost. 

We truly believe this sets us apart from other tuition companies and we take great pride in our Plato Pledge. 

We are a small, specialised team of expert tutors. Take a look at our guaranteed credentials:

DBS Certificate 

Qualified Teacher and/or

Minimum of two years experience as a private tutor 

Expert knowledge of UK Independent School/ Entrance Exam Sector

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