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We are a small, specialised team of expert tutors. Take a look at our guaranteed credentials:

DBS Certificate 

Qualified Teacher and/or

Minimum of two years experience as a private tutor 

Expert knowledge of UK Independent School/ Entrance Exam Sector

School Uniform

13+ Tuition

The 13 Plus examination comprises written tests covering core subjects such as English, Maths and Science, alongside additional subjects like Languages, History, and Geography. 13+ exams can be a considerable step- up in terms of difficulty compared with the 11+, and is often closer to GCSE level content. Schools will either use the Common Entrance exam papers (ISEB) or their own independent, school-specific exams. 

Certain schools, particularly leading independent schools, will also have additional scholarship examinations that the student may be entitled to sit, which can potentially lead to academic scholarships and bursaries. 

How can we help? 

The 13+ exams are a further step up from the 11+, meaning good preparation is vital to success. Plato Tuition can help your child achieve the best possible results in the 13+ Exams through tailored tuition in all core subjects (Maths, English, Science, Reasoning). 

We are not a generic tuition company and instead specialise in Entrance Exams, meaning you will benefit from tuition given by tutors who are experts in the independent-school landscape and know exactly how to prepare your child for these demanding exams. Our tutors can also help both yourself and your child navigate the often-complicated 13+ application process.

  Private Independent Tuition

Our private 13+ lessons are exactly that, private. One-to-one lessons allow your child to receive the full attention of our expert tutors and allow for a fully tailored and custom-built learning plan, based on the student’s strengths and weaknesses. Private lessons are an excellent solution if you are looking to cover a large amount in a small time, or can be particularly effective with longer term commitments as it allows a friendly and engaging relationship to develop between student and tutor.  

We help students prepare for the 13+ Common Entrance Exam, as well as those sitting school-specific 13+ examinations for Year 9 entry into leading independent schools, including: 

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We are international in scope. As well as helping families in the UK, we also specialise in helping families from China, Singapore and Hong Kong with UK Entrance Exam preparation. Our in-person tuition focuses on the London area, whilst our online tuition is available wherever, whenever.  


-Personalised attention: Working one-to-one allows the tutor to quickly and accurately identify the student's individual learning requirements. 


-Improved confidence: We find private tuition is particularly effective at improving a student's confidence as it allows a private space to ask questions and to learn at your own pace. A huge part of the learning process is built on confidence, especially at younger age ranges, and we place a large emphasis on confidence building in all of our lessons.   

-Upmost flexibility and convenience: We appreciate how busy schedules can be for both parents and child. Our private lessons offer maximum flexibility and allow your child to learn at a time that is convenient for both them and you. 

Online 13+ Group Lessons:

Our online 13+ group lessons allow students to learn in

a collaborative and social environment, whilst still 

receiving expert attention and focus due to our small 

class sizes (Max four students per class). 


Please get in touch with us to discuss this further, as we are always looking to increase the number of group lessons to provide more choice, flexibility and convenience to our students and parents. 


-Peer interaction: Group lessons provide students an opportunity to develop important social skills such as communication, team-work and listening. 

-Cost-effective: Our group lessons allow us to charge without compromising on the quality of tuition, due to our small class sizes. 

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