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We are admissions specialists, delivering high-quality tuition and consultation for admission into the most competitive global schools.

Why Plato?

Feedback after every lesson

Feedback is crucial to the learning process. With Plato Tuition, you will receive a feedback report after every lesson, allowing both parent and child to keep track of progress.

Helping others

By choosing Plato Tuition you are directly helping others who may not have the same access to private tuition. 

10% of revenue from every hour of teaching is allocated to funding Plato lessons for students from disadvantaged and low-income households. 

Customized ​Learning Plans

Your child will receive tailored tuition, based on their strengths, weaknesses and learning style. The Plato process starts with an in-depth consultation, from which we develop a programme designed to suit the needs of both child and parent. 

Premium tuition delivers premium results

Our students have succesfully gained entrance into the most competetive and prestigious schools, including Eton, City of London, Badminton, Dulwich College, Whitgift and many more.  

About Plato:

Plato Tuition was created by Jacob, a private tutor and qualified commercial pilot. Jacob has many years of experience helping students secure entrance into some of the most competitive schools worldwide, including Eton College, Westminster, City of London, Whitgift and many more.

"Our mission is simple, to provide the most comprehensive support to students and families to ensure they achieve their educational goals. We do not offer cookie-cutter lesson plans or pre-made courses. Instead, tuition is built around the specific needs of both parent and child." 

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